Jenny Spoon's Hair Salon


Full colour and cut long

£72.00145 minutes

Root colour

£42.00105 minutes

Balayage fine hair and cut

£85.00165 minutes

Half head highlight, toner and cut

£80.00170 minutes

High light T section, toner and cut

£70.00160 minutes

Bleach roots and tone and cut

£75.00160 minutes


£80.00180 minutes

Root colour and cut

£55.00135 minutes

Colour correction

£0.00190 minutes

Natural balayage and cut

£78.00180 minutes

Full head colour and cut (short)

£65.00150 minutes

Highlight t section and tone

£60.00140 minutes

Toning and cut

£45.0075 minutes

Full colour long

£60.00105 minutes

Highlights full head and toner

£80.00180 minutes

Tint, T section, tone and cut

£75.00175 minutes

Natural balayage

£70.00150 minutes

Balayage and cut

£95.00180 minutes

Roots tone and cut

£68.00135 minutes

Balayage fine hair

£75.00130 minutes

Highlight half head,tone

£72.00165 minutes

High lights full head and tone and cut

£95.00195 minutes

Full hair colour short

£50.00105 minutes

Toner and blow dry

£35.0060 minutes

Creative colour

£90.00195 minutes



£0.00180 minutes

Conditioning treatment

Vitaplex with colour

£12.0010 minutes


£140.00180 minutes

Vitaplex wash and cut and blow dry

£37.0070 minutes

Cleansing and blow dry

£10.0060 minutes

Standard conditioning treatment cut

£35.0060 minutes


Wet cut

£22.5040 minutes


£35.0075 minutes

Dry trim

£15.0030 minutes

Wash,cut and blow dry

£30.0065 minutes

Gents cut

£10.0030 minutes

Blow dry

£20.0045 minutes

Glamour blow dry

£25.0060 minutes

Restyle and finish advanced

£40.0080 minutes

Dynamics colour

Refresh one colour and blowdry

£35.0085 minutes

Dynamics creative and blow dry

£45.0095 minutes

Dynamics creative after colour

£25.0070 minutes

Children’s services

Under 5s

£7.0035 minutes

Wash cut and blow under 13s

£20.0060 minutes

Dry trim

£8.5030 minutes

Dry trim thick hair

£11.5030 minutes

Boys cut

£8.0030 minutes

Wash and cut

£15.0045 minutes

Discount members

OAP wash cut and blow dry

£20.0060 minutes

Ann bates blow dry

£14.0035 minutes

oap wash and cut

£18.0045 minutes

Men’s cut

£5.0030 minutes

Roots and cut nigel

£32.5085 minutes

Oap the works (Paula)

£18.0060 minutes

Gia and cathy

£40.00135 minutes

Naomi OAP


£40.00130 minutes

Mens oap cut

£8.0030 minutes

Occasion hair

Wedding trial bridesmaid

£30.0045 minutes

French plaite

£10.0025 minutes

Curls only

£15.0030 minutes

Hair up

£25.0060 minutes

Wedding trial

£35.0060 minutes


15 min break

£10.0015 minutes