Envy Beauty & Aesthetics

mixed appointments

ebw, ebt,elt,lip

£21.5035 minutes

lash & brow tint micro luxe

£40.0095 minutes

micro luxe, brow wax, lip thread, chin thread, bikini wax

£43.5090 minutes

microluxe ebt ebw elt

£41.0075 minutes

ebw,uaw,bik sides,f/leg, mani

£50.50110 minutes

Brow, chin, uaw, bikini wax

£19.5040 minutes

full leg,forearm,lip wax

£27.5050 minutes

Brow wax, tint, lip, chin

£18.0030 minutes

brow wax, bikini wax

£12.0030 minutes

ebw,uaw,bik sides, gel mani

£33.0090 minutes

face thread

£10.0035 minutes

Brow thread, lip thrd , gel polish mani

£26.0090 minutes

Brow wax, tint lip bik belly

£25.0040 minutes

gel mani & lip wax

£20.0065 minutes

brow & Lip tidy, Gel top up

£18.5030 minutes

Brows, pedi, mani buff no gel

£35.50110 minutes

brow & lip thread

£10.0035 minutes

brow & corners of lip

£5.0020 minutes

gel polish mani & lip wax

£20.0070 minutes

vit b12, multi and c

£75.0035 minutes

brow wax brow tint lip thread, gel mani

£28.5080 minutes

Underarm bikini half leg

£23.0045 minutes

brow & Lip wax

£8.5030 minutes

brow,lip,chin,underarm,bikini,half leg,henna brow & lash tint

£48.00105 minutes

Lash tint & brow thrd

£12.0030 minutes

Lash tint, belly braz

£20.5040 minutes

Brow wax lip chin thread

£12.0025 minutes

brow wax, tint , chin wax

£14.5030 minutes

micro, brow wax & tint, chin thread

£37.5050 minutes

Brow, lash tint. lip, chin, under arm wax

£25.0048 minutes

Brows bikini gel mani

£28.5095 minutes

face wax

£10.0035 minutes

micro luxe,brow thread, lash tint

£41.5095 minutes

Brow wax,tint,elt,lip

£21.5035 minutes

Brow wax/thread & file & polish hands or feet

£16.5035 minutes

Brow qax,tint,chin, neck thrd micro

£39.0045 minutes

Ebw, lip, dermaplane facial

£35.0045 minutes

Brow , lip chin thread

£13.0040 minutes

brow wax & tint, lip wax

£15.0030 minutes

Brow wax, micro luxe

£34.5090 minutes

full leg, uaw,bikini, Gel polish mani

£42.0090 minutes

gel polish mani, brow, bikini wax

£28.5095 minutes

Brow thrd, lash tint micro luxe

£40.0095 minutes

Brows, gel mani

£22.5075 minutes

Ebw, ebt lash tint, lip thrd, gel mani

£36.50100 minutes

brow,belly,full leg wax, lip,chin thread

£36.0090 minutes

brow thread & lash tint

£13.0035 minutes

Brow wax, tint, lip wax forearm wax, bikini wax

£25.0045 minutes

Ebw,uaw,bik sides

£18.0030 minutes

Brows, lip.underarm,hollywood,full leg.

£53.5090 minutes

Hollywood & lip

£23.5045 minutes

lash & brow tint, + brow , lip, chin wax

£22.5030 minutes

brow thread or wax + tint + Lash lift & Tint

£35.5075 minutes

brow wax & Bikini

£12.5060 minutes

gel polish mani, brow lip wax

£26.5090 minutes

Brow tidy,& Gel mani top up

£16.0060 minutes

Brow wax, lip , gel polish mani

£26.0085 minutes

Ebw,lip,chin thread, gel pedi

£32.0085 minutes

Brow wax brow tint lip,chin wax

£15.5035 minutes

Lash tint. forearm wax. Brow wax. lip wax. chin wax.

£23.0040 minutes


Express Tan 2/3 hour

£14.0030 minutes

standard tan

£14.0030 minutes

Leg tan

£9.0030 minutes

Ipl laser

Ipl pigment face FROM

£35.0030 minutes

Ipl wrinkle treatment FROM

£35.0030 minutes

Ipl spider veins per area

£25.0030 minutes

Ipl laser skin test

£0.0020 minutes

Ipl rejuvenation face

£30.0030 minutes

Consultation any treatment paid for £!) to £20 35 mins average

consultation for a chosen treatment from free to £20

£0.0018 minutes

Eye treatments

Henna lash tint

£7.5030 minutes

Brow Tint

£5.5020 minutes

Lash Lift & Tint

£26.0065 minutes

Lash Tint

£6.0025 minutes

brow & Lash tint

£12.0025 minutes

Brow lamination

£20.0034 minutes

brow wax & Tint

£11.5030 minutes

Envy high def brow , 7 step procedure

£15.0045 minutes

Brow wax

£6.5020 minutes

tint test

£0.004 minutes

Henna brow & lash tint

£18.0040 minutes

lash tint, brow thread, bik

£19.0035 minutes

lash lift & tint , brow wax

£32.5070 minutes

Brow Thread

£6.5025 minutes

Henna lash lift & tint

£27.0065 minutes

under 16 brow wax/ thread

£5.0025 minutes

Brow thread & tint , lash tint

£18.0035 minutes

Henna Brows comprising shaping & tinting for a bold brow

£18.0030 minutes

Brow thread & Tint

£11.5030 minutes

Brow lam & tint

£25.0039 minutes

henna brow wax & Tint , lash tint

£24.5040 minutes

brow wax & Tint + Lash Tint

£16.5035 minutes

Teeth Whitening Home Kit safe,reliable uk dentist approved comprising of Gel and teeth moulds

Teeth whitening Gel top up tube

£20.0010 minutes

Teeth white kit

£30.0020 minutes


full leg,Bik,underarm

£27.0055 minutes

Brow & chin wax

£10.0025 minutes

Half leg wax

£12.0025 minutes

Brow wax lip thread

£10.0025 minutes

Brow wax

£6.5020 minutes

Hollywood wax

£18.0035 minutes

Lip chin wax

£5.5022 minutes

Lower back

£5.0015 minutes

chin wax

£2.5010 minutes

Full face

£10.0030 minutes

Brow lip chin wax

£12.0035 minutes

Full leg wax

£18.0035 minutes

under arm wax

£5.0015 minutes

full arm wax

£9.0025 minutes

forearm wax

£6.0020 minutes

Chin& neck thread

£5.5015 minutes

lip thread

£2.5013 minutes

Brazillian wax

£15.0020 minutes

belly & bikini wax

£11.0035 minutes

brow, lip, chin,underarm bikini wax

£22.0030 minutes

Bikini wax

£5.5015 minutes

cheek wax

£4.0010 minutes

Lip wax

£2.5010 minutes

1/2 leg,bik,underarm wax

£21.0040 minutes

brow. chin, under arm, bikini wax

£19.5040 minutes

chin thread

£2.5015 minutes

tummy wax

£5.0015 minutes

Lip & chin wax

£6.0025 minutes

3/4 leg wax

£14.0030 minutes


Body chemical peel from £30

£0.0035 minutes

Lip fillers including written forms from £ 100 dependant on filler used and amount

£100.0060 minutes

Cryotherapy fat freeze priced from

£99.0060 minutes

Course of 4 dermapen face/neck with meso

£180.0060 minutes

Vitamin b multi

£25.0030 minutes

skin tags, mole removal, verucca (prices from) can take longer dependant on client

£20.0035 minutes

Plasma pen No knife face lift/tighten prices from

£75.0060 minutes

Aqualyx Fat dissolve prices from

£89.0040 minutes

Dermapen face/ neck with meso single session

£50.0060 minutes

Profhilo skin booster single session

£180.0045 minutes

Dermal fillers including forms from £100 dependant on amount & filler brand used

£100.0060 minutes

Profhilo 2x sessions 4 wks apart

£330.0045 minutes

vit c injection

£30.0025 minutes

milia removal with plasma pen dependant on time taken

£30.0040 minutes

Vitamin B12 injection

£25.0025 minutes

Tooth gem temporary

£15.0030 minutes

B12 & multi b

£45.0030 minutes

JALUPRO SKIN biorevitalizer per sess (2-4 discount applied)

£155.0045 minutes

RF radio frequency skin tightening/lifting from

£25.0030 minutes

Sunekos 2 step facial rejuvenation from per session discount for 2 -4

£165.0045 minutes

Make up

my perfect face ( includes cleanse/ moisturise )

£17.0040 minutes

my perfect eyes includes cleanse/moisturiser

£15.0035 minutes

Hair up. hair straighten or curls from

£12.0045 minutes

wedding Make up UNDER 5's Sparkle & Gloss

£0.0010 minutes

Mother of Bride/Groom wedding make up prices from*

£30.0055 minutes

Bridesmaid make up price from* ( depending on trial, lashes added. distance etc.

£30.0050 minutes

make up lesson

£20.0070 minutes

occasion make up includes pre cleanse ( please add £6 for perfect eyes or instantly ageless treatment) priced *from

£25.0060 minutes

wedding make up Bride Prices from depending on distance, lashes added, trial needed etc. all packages are bespoke to your needs.

£45.0075 minutes

wedding make up, bridesmaid UNDER 15 prices from **

£15.0040 minutes


Non surgical lifting facial

£25.0035 minutes

Photon led mask 25 mins

£20.0025 minutes

Derma roller single treatment

£45.0030 minutes

mini million doll fac

£35.0035 minutes

Carboxy co2 mask facial

£20.0025 minutes

Radio frequency lifting, tightening facial 25 mins

£20.0025 minutes

micro luxe facial

£45.0060 minutes

gentle Peel (lactic, glycolic,mandelic

£24.0025 minutes

lunchtime glow up

£25.0030 minutes

million dollar facial {includes written consult}

£50.0055 minutes

cbd infused deluxe facial

£28.0050 minutes

bespoke facial suited to individual needs, priced from £25

£25.0040 minutes

dermaplane facial {includes written consult} mask to finish

£25.0035 minutes

Restore & hydrate facial

£17.0030 minutes

standard microdermabrasion

£23.0025 minutes

Dermapen Micro needling face/ body from 45 to 120.00 dependant on area treated discount for paid courses if not on offer

£45.0045 minutes

photon led mask

£25.0030 minutes


Gel polish top up

£10.0037 minutes

Buff mani no gel

£10.0035 minutes

Express nail file & polish 20 to 30 mins

£10.0025 minutes

gel polish removal

£6.0020 minutes

Add onto mani or pedi decals, glitters , jems, swarovski crystals from

£1.0015 minutes

Nail polish mani

£16.0050 minutes

gel polish pedicure includes hard skin and cuticle work

£19.0055 minutes

Nail polish pedi

£19.0060 minutes

gel polish mani from 30 to 60 mins

£16.0060 minutes

callus peel hard skin removal (suitable in pregnancy)

£17.0030 minutes

false nail fitting

£10.0045 minutes

express toes file & polish 20 to 30 mins

£10.0025 minutes

nail repair each nail 10 mins £1

£1.0010 minutes

twinkle toes indulgent pedicure , perfect for brides or a treat. Swarovskis on big toes glitter on rest lasts upto 6 wks

£30.0060 minutes

laser hair remov

chin single

£15.0015 minutes

Full face ( no eyes)

£30.0030 minutes

Top lip single sess

£15.0015 minutes

Ears single laser sess

£12.0020 minutes

Jaw male single sess

£25.0030 minutes

Cheeks or jaw female single laser

£18.0020 minutes


£20.0020 minutes

Under arm course 8

£120.0025 minutes

lip & chin single

£25.0025 minutes

Under arm laser single sess

£20.0025 minutes

Bikini single laser

£35.0030 minutes

Chin & neck

£25.0020 minutes

mens treatment

mens brows

£6.5022 minutes

mens lower back from

£10.0030 minutes

mens micro

£23.0030 minutes

mens wet pedi & callus peel

£27.0042 minutes

mens spray tint

£15.0030 minutes

mens brow tint

£6.0010 minutes

mens mani buff

£14.0030 minutes

mens brow thread

£6.5025 minutes

mens chest from

£10.0035 minutes

mens wet pedi

£16.0035 minutes

mens lash & brow tint

£12.0025 minutes

mens back chem peel with micro start

£30.0035 minutes

mens back micro

£25.0030 minutes

mens upper back & shoulders

£20.0042 minutes

mens lash tint

£6.0015 minutes



£0.0030 minutes


£0.0015 minutes

Body Treaments

Anti cellulite RF treatment

£25.0040 minutes

Male chest fat dissolve price on consultation ) From

£100.0045 minutes

Body dermapen course of 4 ( stretchmarks/pigment/tightening

£200.0045 minutes

Ultrasound Cavitation non invasive fat removal, skin tightening, cellulite reducing 20/25 mins allow 40

£25.0035 minutes

male chest fat reduction & Skin tighten with RF( can be used with or without aqualyx ( better with (more than 1 sess is needed))

£30.0030 minutes

Derma pen body single sess with meso

£55.0045 minutes

Brazilian Butt lift with RF

£25.0040 minutes

mixed appt,s

Ebw lip.Uaw. Hwood plus bum Belly line ,f/ leg

£53.5075 minutes

Brow, lip, chin wax

£11.0030 minutes

lash Lift & Tint. Brow wax & brow Tint

£0.0030 minutes

Ebw,uaw,bik,1/2 leg

£29.5055 minutes

Brow wax, Brow tint & Gel manicure

£26.5090 minutes

ebw, lip, hwood

£29.0045 minutes

brow and lip wax

£8.5025 minutes

Brow Wax , Brow tint & Gel pedicure

£29.5090 minutes

Brow,lip,chin,under arm,bikini, brow tint,

£27.5050 minutes

Brow, lip, chin, underarm,bikini wax. Lash & brow tint

£33.5060 minutes

Brow wax,chin ,uaw,bik gel polish

£35.0093 minutes

brow,lip,chin,underarm, bikini wax

£22.5045 minutes

Lash Lift & Tint , Brow wax & Tint

£35.5090 minutes

Ebw,uaw,bk,full leg

£34.5070 minutes